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Cyrilometodějského gymnázia v Prostějově

Youth Information Centre Prostějov

The Youth Information Centre Prostějov is a place where young people are able to obtain information which interests them, easily and free of charge. The main areas are education (abroad, summer schools, scholarships, …), work (study visits, voluntary work,…), travel and free time (interesting events, afternoon leisure activities, …) and also youth and the EU. For this purpose the Youth Information Centre administers its web pages www.icmprostejov.cz. Visitors are also offered consultancy and a range of services and activities, which are available not only to youth, but also youth workers and the general public.

Kreativní dílna Occasionally it organizes various competitions, workshops and creative afternoons. It also prepares and gives out interesting information materials (eg. Brochure „I want to be a volunteer in the Olomouc region“, or an overview of school excursions).

The Youth Information Centre Prostějov also takes part in a number of campaigns such as „The Right to Information Right Now“ and „Youth Week“, it cooperates with a range of schools in the region, leisure centres (School Club Oáza, Multicultural centre Mozaika, …), with the European information network for young people EURODESK, the regional branch of EUROPE DIRECT Olomouc, with the National Youth Information Centre and the Association for the Support and Developement of Youth Information Centres in the Czech Republic, and many more.

Seminář Infoabsolvent.cz pro žáky 8. a 9. tříd ZŠ In connection with the cooperation of the CMG and other schools in the region it also organizes seminars and presentations at these schools. They are primarily seminars by Infoabsolvent.cz for students in the 8th and 9th grades of basic school, and seminars on the theme of young people´s mobility within the EU and voluntary work for secondary schools.

An inseperable part are its international activities. The Youth Information Centre Prostějov arranges activities of international participants of the European voluntary service, such as international evenings, creative workshops, and conversation classes in foreign languages. Interested people from the Czech Republic can also come to The Youth Information Centre if they would like to travel abroad as EVS volunteers. Apart from these long-term international projects, the Youth Information Centre Prostějov is involved in short-term thematical international youth exchanges and educational events.

Multicultural Filmmaking

An important part of the Youth Information Centre activities is also the presentation of The Youth Information Centre Prostějov and The association of The Parents, Students and Friends Club of The Grammar School of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Prostějov, the activities and the whole information system for youth of the Czech Republic at traditional events and happenings for young people and the general public, such as the multicultural festival STARTfest in Želč, at the Meeting of all Generations in Prostějov, or the Hobbies Market, JobFair Contact Olomouc, Scholaris in Prostějov and Olomouc and so on.

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