Spolek přátel
Cyrilometodějského gymnázia v Prostějově

Spolek přátel Cyrilometodějského gymnázia v Prostějově (CMG Friends Club Prostějov) is a non-profit organisation, whose main goal is the support of the material, cultural and social base of the school, and at the same time offering a wide range of opportunities for an active use of freetime by young people and the general public of the Prostějov region. The Club is located on the premises of the Grammar School of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Prostějově (CMG).

There are a number of regular events that the club contributes to, such as spiritual renewal weekends, excursions, and skiing training of CMG students. The main social events are the Representational Ball and the Garden Celebration. Once every two years the club organizes a sightseeing trip to significant European destinations for the students of CMG.

The Club is the founder of the Youth Information Centre Prostějov (YIC), which is open to both the students of the school, and in the afternoon to the general public, and it cooperates with the School Club Oáza (oaza.cmgpv.cz). It offers informative and consulting services from a wide range of areas (foreign exchanges, scholarships, interesting events in the region, …) seminars for schools and the public (about volunteer work, The European Union, travel talks, ….) and leisure activities (dance afternoons, creative workshops, …). It also tries to create a multicultural environment for young people in the Prostějov region, thanks to projects of the European Volunteer Service and international training and youth exchanges.